Series Overview | Starcrossed Trilogy

This is my first review on a full trilogy. I do have separate reviews on each which you can get to by clicking the book covers below.
Series: Starcrossed

Author: Josephine Angelini

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Order of Books:
  • Starcrossed City (#0.5 - novella)
  • Starcrossed (#1)
  • Dreamless (#2)
  • Goddess (#3)

My Thoughts:
I freaking loved this series! First off, let me say that the book covers are absolutely beautiful. I love the array of colors and how they blend. I appreciate that the trilogy matches so it definitely will look lovely on a bookshelf side by side. The photos they captured for the book covers -- breathtaking...that's what attracted me to the trilogy before actually checking out the synopsis.

Starcrossed City
Starting off with this book will help you to understand the main character, Helen, in all three books and why she is the way she is. This 9 page novella definitely set the tone to understanding who Ajax and Daphne are and why Daphne is not liked throughout the series. Really great novella, just wish it was more than 9 pages long.

War at first sight? Yes, this book started off with Helen hating the Delos family; especially Lucas Delos. The funny part is that they eventually feel for one another as much as they hated each other. This sets up the future for Helen in finding out not only what she is, but also who she is and who her mother is. All she knew is that her mother abandoned her and her father without a trace of remembrance, but secrets are revealed and she begins to learn that she is a demigod -- born from a Scion and a mortal father. To be in love with a complete stranger who you cannot love, find out you are  demigod and find out who your mother is -- drama and action packed all the way. Four Houses, two revealed...

Love triangles. Deception. Family drama. Gods. Oh yes, this was an outstanding sequel by far. The mother reappears in this half of the trilogy and really tries to shade light while still keeping secrets of her own. Lucas and Helen find out that they are first cousins which means they definitely can never be together. Helen begins to descend to Hades where she learns about her true ability and the possibility of her being a goddess. She also meets Orion (belongs to two Houses) who she also happens to fall in love with -- which was part of her mothers scheme. The most intriguing part ... the joining of all four Houses that releases the gods from Olympus. War is arising between the scions, mortals and gods.

Can you say great ending! I love an ending that doesn't leave you wondering what happened next after it was over. Yes it was your typical happily everafter for the couple, but with the death of Daphne, defeating the gods, becoming a goddess and couples forming -- what more could you ask for. My favorite part of the ending is all four Houses coming together to make one. Such a change and a new beginning for them all.

This series was just absolutely amazing! If you have not read this trilogy, I highly suggest you do!

Happy Reading!