Book Review | Starcrossed City by Josephine Angelini

Title: Starcrossed City

Author: Josephine Angelini

Series: Starcrossed, #0.5

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Greek Mythology

Publication/Year: Macmillan • 2013

Page Numbers: 9

Synopsis from Goodreads:
"A spin-off from Josephine Angelini’s irresistible Starcrossed series. Mysterious demi-goddess Daphne meets the totally hot Ajax for the first time in sultry NYC. This is where it all begins."
My Rating★★★★★

Quote I Like:
"Keep your face down, I remind myself. Don't smile at any of the boys." - Daphne

My Thoughts:
My first novella ever. This helped me to understand Daphne as a character a bit more. In Starcrossed (Book #1) she seemed like a major b*tch, but now I have a better understanding and insight into how she grew up and what she went through. This helped me to also better understand Helen and why she is such a shy girl. She resembles her mother from looks to being hated by most girls, loved by many guys and smart. Love how Daphne and Ajax meant, but now I'm wondering what more happened between them two.

Wish this was more than 9 pages long -- maybe 100 pages would have sold me even more. Overall, great introduction to the trilogy!

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