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A gripping retelling on the Iliad that hits on gangs, violence and mental health. Heart wrenching. A girl on a mission for revenge. A boy who takes the heat to change the world. Check out my review of A Thousand Fires.

Title: A Thousand Fires

Author: Shannon Price

Age: Young Adult

Genres: Contemporary, Retelling

Publication Date: November 5, 2019

Publisher: Tor Teen

Source: Hardcover

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Shannon Price's A Thousand Fires is a breakout contemporary debut―think The Outsiders meets The Iliad―that's perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Veronica Roth.

10 Years. 3 Gangs. 1 Girl’s Epic Quest…

Valerie Simons knows the city's gang wars are dangerous—her own brother was killed by the Boars two years ago. But nothing will sway her from joining the elite and beautiful Herons to avenge his death—a death she feels responsible for.

But when Valerie is recruited by the mysterious Stags, their charismatic and volatile leader Jax promises to help her get revenge. Torn between old love and new loyalty, Valerie fights to stay alive as she races across the streets of San Francisco to finish the mission that got her into the gangs.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
This is a solid 3.75 star rating. I really enjoyed the writing and storyline. I couldn't fully get into the story because I don't know much about the Iliad which is what this book is "based" on. The world was steeped in the violence which was definitely interesting. The sole purpose of this book was revenge and revenge did I get to see.

Valerie is hours away from her 18th birthday and is waiting to be a Heron, however, things go extremely wrong when the Boars attack and she is saved by the Stags. Valerie is a very strong girl. She takes on the burden of her brother's death and it eats at her emotionally and mentally. She tries to stay strong, but she has moments in which we see her real weakness and struggles. Val is a quick learner, sassy and has a good head on her shoulders. In the world she lives in where gangs are normalized, she does her best to live and survive in it.

Matthew, Val's ex, seemed to be a great guy at the beginning. Breaking up with her to keep her safe was cool. However, as the story progressed I seriously began to hate him -- especially at the end. I didn't get him at all. Was he really trying to keep her safe? Was he putting on a front with Herons? I'll never be able to understand his true motives.

Jax, the leader of the Stags, is such a dark and brooding young man. He's dominating and aggressive, but never on a "deadly" level. He is very protective of his crew and his ideas are the most sound of all the other gangs. Jax was definitely the type of guy that wanted people to target him to protect those he loved. Finding out who his mother was blew my mind. Finding out about his past was insane. Jax is just a big ball of mystery.

The romance was a bit annoying. Val couldn't get over her ex. Matthew was a major dick with how he handled and played things out. Jax, however, was a much better guy for Val. He allowed Val to just be and supported her. I wanted more between the two of them -- but that ending GUTTED me.

The gangs all seems to be very interesting. I truly enjoyed the Stags and what they represented for the people. The Boars were just a group of psychotic people. The Herons -- broken into the Young and Old -- were just greedy, egotistical people. The Wars was just dumb and they all need to get a reality check.

My favorite gang is definitely the Stags because they were not all about the violence. They were pacifists that knew how to protect and fight when need be. The whole crew had a soft spot in my heart. The way things went left for them tore me to bits!

This book deals with self-harm, depression and other mental issues. I think it was well written in combination with gangs and violence in this story. It felt completely realistic in seeing each of the characters deal with their own issues and try to find a "balance" for the life they live.

Overall, this was a pretty good read and I would recommend it.

About the Author
Shannon Price is a proud Filipina-American and Bay Area native. She once led an a cappella group for three years despite not knowing how to read music, and she carries that same level of confidence in every area of her life. When not writing, she can be found watching baking shows, exploring old bookstores, and going to the beach as often as she can.

Her debut novel A Thousand Fires is a YA reimagining of the Iliad set in modern day San Francisco. She is represented by Elana Roth Parker of Laura Dail Literary Agency and thanks her lucky stars that she is.

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