Book Review | Stolen by Dani René

Title: Stolen

Author: Dani René 

Series: The Taken #0.5

Age: Adult

Genres: Dark Romance

Publication Date: November 14, 2018

Source: E-Book

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There is no escape

I never believed in evil.
I never thought the devil was real.
Until I was stolen.


I knew Satan existed.
I was convinced I’d be like him one day.
Until my heart was stolen.

Would she be the one to set me free?
Or will I be the one to steal her life?

*This is an extremely dark story with numerous triggers, please be warned. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.

My Rating: 

Quote(s) I Like:
"The blood is the same. The graves are the same. I smile when I do it now. When I dig a six-foot hole, I revel in the harsh stench of bodies -- rotting and vile. It's a reminder I'm a Savage." - Drake Savage

"My life has been tainted by sins that come with the last name I've been born with. I bear the sins of my father. I carry the cross of his actions." - Drake Savage

"I'm not broken, little bird. You'd have to be whole before you can break." - Drake Savage

My Thoughts:
Wow this is definitely a dark and grim story. Almost on the side of a slave and master relationship. Caia is kidnapped. Drake is broken. Malcolm is the devil. I can't even express my feelings clearly.

Drake is a sweet guy, but has a broken soul thanks to how his father, Malcolmn raised him. I love that Drake tries to do what is right even though in his own messed up way.

Caia is a strong girl. Being kidnapped, raped and abused beyond words she still fights. I love her fiesty attitude and inquisitive questions.

For a prequel this WRECKED me!

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