Book Review | The Haunting at Alcott Manor by Alyssa Richards

Title: The Haunting of Alcott Manor

Author: Alyssa Richards

Series: The Alcott Manor trilogy #1

Age: Adult

Genres: Gothic Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, Thriller

Publication Date: August 1, 2017

Source: eBook

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She has a gift. His family has a past. Can they solve a century-old mystery… together?

Gemma doesn't miss working for the family business. She has a knack for restoring older properties, but after a vicious haunting nearly killed her, she was more than ready to move on. Gemma agrees to one last job to save her parents’ business, but the 1880s historical estate has its fair share of dark secrets…

Henry Alcott wants nothing more than to free the spirit from his family’s property. Ever since the original owner was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death, the ghost has made sure every restoration effort was a miserable failure. But there’s something about Gemma that makes Henry believe in a much brighter future…

Gemma and Henry must solve a hundred-year mystery to complete the restoration in time. Failure to do so could cost Gemma’s parents their business, but staying in the house could cost them much, much more…

The Haunting of Alcott Manor is a contemporary gothic paranormal romance. If you like fateful chemistry, engaging characters, and mysteries that keep you guessing until the very end, then you’ll love the first book in Alyssa Richards’ chilling new series.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
This was such a beautifully written thriller mystery, that left me open for me. I am again blown away by Alyssa's writing. The characters, the paranormal aspects, the writing and the descriptions were all so well written and kept on the edge of my seat.

Gemma was a hardworking woman who knew what she wanted and always did things by the book. She just got out of a bad divorce and needed time from men. She also has a knack for cleansing bad "vibes" from different places. She's an awesome daughter for helping her father out with the Alcott Manor. She puts her family before her which kind of pissed me off a bit. Gemma was intriguing.

Henry seemed to be an amazing guy. He seemed sweet and loving. Nothing about him scared me off until I found out his relation to Benjamin. That was something that I NEVER expected to happen, but I loved how it all played out.

The romance was beautiful. You could tell the two of them had an instant connection and though it seemed rushed I felt like it was perfect for the two of them. You could tell that they were perfect for one another and that what they felt was real.

Asher PISSED me off, but I am so happy he got what he deserved. I won't say I didn't because I did and so hard. Asher was a douchebag the whole time. He got his just desserts. Anna was an intriguing character. She was emotional and had a lot of baggage to her. I didn't like how she let things end for herself, but as I read on I felt my heart pull for her.

That ending BLEW MY MIND! I didn't expect that to be the case or happen at all. Alyssa not only hit with one plot twist, but added in about 2-3 more plot twists towards the end. I loved it. A great story and can't wait to read the companion to learn more about Layla!

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