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Looking for a gripping YA contemporary that will leave you heartbroken and feeling all the feels? Check out You Are Everything.

Title: You Are Everything

Author: Karen Rivers

Age: Young Adult

Genres: Contemporary

Publication Date: October 30, 2018

Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers

Source: Hardcover

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Can you want something—or someone—so badly that you change your destiny? Elyse Schmidt never would have believed it, until it happened to her. When Elyse and her not-so-secret crush, Josh Harris, are the sole survivors of a plane crash, tragedy binds them together. It’s as if their love story is meant to be. Everything is perfect, or as perfect as it can be when you’ve literally fallen out of the sky and landed hard on the side of a mountain—until suddenly it isn’t. And when the pieces of Elyse’s life stop fitting together, what is left?

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
Where do I even begin with this story...gripping, interesting, heartfelt and everything in between. This story will make you cry hard and leave you slightly wounded. I'm giving this story a 3.5 star rating because the narrative was very different. It was written in a way that made the reader feel as if they were the main character.

Elyse Schmidt and Josh Harris are on a plane returning home from Paris with their school (I believe it was the band) when their plane crashes and they're left as the soul survivors. Elyse ends up with a glass eye and traumatic brain injury which causes her to also have a hard time remembering many things. Despite that Josh Harris, who happens to be her crush, is there to help her through and remind her of how beautiful she is.

This is a YA contemporary romance that will rip your heart out of chest. The interactions between Elyse and Josh are compelling. The writing is detailed which I thought was amazing as it pulled me into the story more than most contemporary romances do. Paired with the narrative style, it was all so real and amazing.

That ending...WHYYYY?! It threw me for a complete loop! I was not expecting that to happen at all. It felt like the end of a dream or fantasy.

Do I recommend this, yes I do. Especially if you're looking for 1) a tear-jerker and 2) a different writing style.

About the Author
Karen Rivers is the author of twenty-one novels for children, teens, and adults, including the highly praised The Girl in the Well Is Me, All That Was, Before We Go Extinct and A Possibility of Whales. She lives in British Columbia, Canada. Find her online at or on Twitter @karenrivers.

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