Book Review | Beauty Begins by Chris Shook & Megan Shook Alpha

Title: Beauty Begins: Making Peace with Your Reflection

Author:  Chris Shook and Megan Shook Alpha

Series: Standalone

Age: Adult

Genres: Christian Living, Self Help

Publication Date: March 15, 2016

Publisher: WaterBrook

Source: Paperback provided

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You are, and always have been, beautiful. 

Beauty begins. That’s the point of this book. Our understanding of beauty got started somewhere and somehow, and probably due to someone. Now that may have been a good start, but then again it may not have. But regardless of what your past looks like, we want to offer up this word of hope: it’s never too late to make peace with your reflection.

We live in a culture that’s obsessed with beauty. Walk by any magazine stand, turn on a television, or visit the local shopping mall, and you’ll be bombarded with the images and ideals that our culture believes are the epitome of what it means to be beautiful. And if you’re like most women, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to measure up to this standard of beauty whether you realize it or not.

But if you don’t make peace with your reflection, you’ll end up declaring war on yourself.

That’s where mother-daughter team, Chris and Megan Shook, want to help. In Beauty Begins, they explore the origins of beauty (hint, it didn’t start with a fashion magazine) and challenge each of us to trade the pressure of perfection for God's perfect love.

Poignant, relevant, and relatable, Beauty Begins is for every woman who wants to reclaim what it means to be truly beautiful.

Do you feel beautiful?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Others may tell you that you’re beautiful, but do you believe them? Why not? Don’t let another day go by without believing and knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.   
It’s time for you to exchange society’s cookie-cutter suggestions for what is beautiful and instead discover and reclaim what true beauty looks like – and the One who created it.
In Beauty Begins, Chris and Megan Shook share with you their own experiences and struggles with appearance and body image, as well as equip you with the wisdom to distinguish what’s artificial beauty and what’s real. Filled with heartfelt encouragement, insightful challenges, and undeniable truth, after reading Beauty Begins, you’ll never look in the mirror the same way again. 

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
Beauty Begins is an awesome Christian Self Help book. Now I got this book simply because I'm 1) a Christian and 2) a freelance makeup artist. I love incorporating God and the gospel into my work anyway I can so I figured reading this would help me with my business. The mother-daughter duo was pretty awesome.

I love that the book really gets into the origin of true beauty and gives a proper understanding of it. I loved that it loved at both the Christian view and the secular view. The book wasn't completely focused on beauty in terms of looks. It went deeper into the culture, relationships and and even parenting.

I love that this book really tells us about God's definition of beaut and tries to really get the reader to pull away from societies definition. In being a makeup artist I always say that makeup is meant to enhance your features and not completely alter it.

This book gave some great ideas to incorporate into my business and my life as a whole. I wish there was a bible study surrounded around this or included within this book because that would have made this 10x better.

We all struggle when it comes to the word beauty. I'm sure many ask the questions I do sometimes: Am I beautiful? Do I look good in this outfit? Do you freak out over a zit? There have been many times I doubted my beauty because of how society defines it. I know deep down I am beautiful but sometimes I lose sight of it. I am beautiful inside and out. With this book you will learn a lot about true beauty.

If you really want to reflect on beauty and grasp the true meaning of it, I highly recommend this beauty.

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