Book Review | His Virgin by Nikki Chase

Title: His Virgin

Author: Nikki Chase

Series: Standalone

Age: Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: March 8, 2017

Source: ARC provided by author

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Everything has a price. Including her virginity.

I’m Caine Foster. You know my name. I own this city. 

I keep strict control of all my relationships. I always have the upper hand—in business and pleasure. 

So when a sweet little thing defies me, it pisses me off. It makes me want to dominate her, bend her to my will, make her beg for my c*ck. I want to turn that angry fire in her green eyes into sweet submission.

I make her an offer. She spends thirty days with me, and I solve her money problems. No mess, no drama, no questions. Just my filthy money for her pure innocence.

But she’s more than I bargained for. I have a new addiction, and her name is Daisy. My dirty little flower.

I’m never letting her go now, contracts be damned.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
Received an ARC from the author.

Oh my did I enjoy this book to the fullest! It had the action, dominance, sex appeal and family drama that gave me so much life. Let me also preface this by saying that I've been a fan of Caine Foster since reading Guilty and Stripped, so I may be a bit bias.

Caine Foster is a very wealthy, powerful man. He is a Foster so he is well respected and women chase him for everything he has. He is a very determined, hardworking man. He is definitely a dominant kind of man with such an interesting way to him. He has dealt with his fair share of mommy issues and females using him for money, so he turned into a "cold-hearted" man. I loved watching Caine break his walls and really grow into a true man. Caine is freaking amazing!

Daisy is a smart, hardworking woman. At only 21, she's very mature since she was forced to mature due to her mother's incompetence and care. She takes care of her 12 year old brother and she's also a virgin. I loved Daisy. She may have been a little naive in the sex department, but she knew how to hold her ground, fight her battles and keep her wits about her. I loved watching her allow a man into her life, even if it happened under such crazy circumstances. Daisy was a sweet, fiery woman.

The romance was freaking hilarious to me. Caine and Daisy were literally fire and ice. Caine was very dominant and Daisy, without realizing it was submissive. I loved how they clashed and clicked. I didn't care for the whole contract and the mind games Caine played, but after they did the deed things seemed to become really real for them. Their relationship, though it started unconventionally, was perfection. They completed one another.

The drama was freaking insane! You talking family secrets and betrayal...this is it! I was totally shocked learning the truth about Todd and Nathan. Also finding out the real deal with Caine's mother insane. I hated Robert Foster after reading Guilty, but learning so much about him in this book made me feel bad for him and grow to love him in a sense. I loved Bertha from reading Stripped so I was excited to see her appear in this story.

This was by far my favorite out of the books I've read from Nikki Chase. If you want something that's quick, has a sexy dominating man, some serious family secrets and a contract between to unlikely people definitely grab a copy and read this!

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