Book Review | Obsession by Helen Hardt

Title: Obsession

Author: Helen Hardt

Series: Steel Brothers Saga #2

Age: Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Publication Date: July 19, 2016

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

Source: eBook

Jade Roberts is in love with Talon Steel but no longer welcome in his home. While she resolves to move on, she still longs for the passion she and Talon shared and when her boss asks her to dig up information on the Steels, she s only too happy to comply. Talon and his brothers are hiding something, and Jade is determined to find out what it is.  
The moment Talon saw Jade he wanted her, ached for her, craved her and now his desire has become his obsession. He knows she deserves better than his broken soul, but he can t stay away from her, and he finally confesses his love. If he and Jade are to have a future, he knows he must make peace with the dark shadows and horrors of his past.  
But as Talon begins his journey of healing, Jade uncovers some startling secrets.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
HOLY SHIT!!! These endings are freaking killing me with all these things that Jade is finding out. Helen Hardt is freaking amazing.

Jade is still fierce as ever. She was given the job to dig around on the Steel family by her boss Larry, but she is taking the opportunity to really dive deep into Talon's secrets and the more she finds the crazier it gets. Jade is a strong woman. She is beautiful, smart and hardworking. I love her strength and determination. Especially with her idiotic ex Colin. I really wish she would let the Steel brothers beat the crap out of him -- just saying.

Talon is still amazing. I love how vulnerable he is and how he is finally accepting help to move forward. Talon's past is dark and his reason for joining the service freaked me out. He definitely needs to move forward and truly live. I'm glad he finally realizes it. I feel like Talon can be one hell of man once he can finally talk about his past and let love truly prevail in his life.

The romance is beautiful. I am loving that they both admitted their feelings for one another. I love that Talon has finally decide to fight for his life in order to be with Jade. Jade was meant for Talon and she is his angel. She brightens up his day and is his guiding light. Talon helps Jade truly let go and enjoy herself. They are amazing together and the sex they have is explosive!

First Nico (Jade's mother's boyfriend) and now Larry (the suppose uncle of the Steel siblings)...I cannot even begin to explain how I am feeling about all this and what Larry has done to Talon. I am ready to see it all exposed, out in the open. I'm ready to see Talon have his win in Possession.

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