Book Review | Sevyn by Michele Wesley

Title: Sevyn

Author: Michele Wesley

Series: Smoke & Fire #4

Age: Adult

Genres: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: June 30, 2016

Publisher: n/a

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Dana Diallo is the pampered princess of a wealthy diplomat by day but she hunts monsters at night. She keeps her dangerous secret to protect her family. After surviving a brutal home invasion that resulted in her mother’s death, Dana takes extreme measures to avenge her. Tracking the men responsible is hard work, but killing them seems impossible. 

Dana’s father blames himself for his wife’s death, saying he didn’t do enough to keep his family protected. He fortifies their family home, turning it into a protected fort and hires Dana a series of personal bodyguards. Intrigued by her latest guard, Dana hardly notices the large scar on her mysteriously charming protector’s face. 

Neal Erickson thinks his new assignment babysitting the diplomat’s daughter will be a walk in the park. Trained for combat, the last thing he wants is to babysit some spoiled, rich woman. It doesn’t take Neal long to discover that Dana is as deadly as she is beautiful. When he stumbles upon her secret life of monsters and mayhem, he finds he may be the one needing protection.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
This was absolutely funny and cute. A quick read with great paranormal aspects, secrets and a romance to boot. The characters were amazing in every aspect.

Dana is sweet, polished and pampered woman. Her father is a millionaire so she's always had a sort of sheltered life. However, she lives a double life as a Top agent named Sevyn. When she is herself she's just a woman looking for freedom from her father, his rules and hired guards for her. When she is Sevyn the woman is fierce as ever with her combat skills and into all types of danger. As a whole she is absolutely beautiful and powerful. I love her sarcasm, the tough skin she had and how bold she was overall. I loved her ability with speed. Just amazing. Dana had an obsession with killing monsters since she witnessed them kill her mother, but she never thought for a minute that she could be wrong.

Neal is a Top agent, but he will be a bodyguard and he's not sure whether he's happy about it. Neal was a different kind of male character. He was very confident and bold, but he was just as doubtful of himself. Neal just had everything right for him. He considered himself unattractive because of the huge scar on his face, but that just gave him a bad boy, mysterious edge to himself. He also considers himself damaged since he can't remember anything before he turned 19. His ability was just as awesome as Dana's. I loved that he could transport/teleport in the blink of an eye.

The romance was cute. I think that Top intentionally paired the two of them together if not for romance, but to work together. I loved how they had their little spats that never scared the other off. I love watching Dana try to scare Neal off with her sexual remarks, but that man took it all and dished it back times three. They were both cute and the sexual tension was funny.

The truth that was revealed to Dana at the end about her mother was insane. The truth about the monsters and who she was just shocked me. I didn't expect that at all, so now I wonder if that means the same thing for all the others that have an ability.

I definitely think I'll be reading the other books in this series. The others with abilities just seems like something I need to read. I can't wait for more Neal and Dana-Sevyn.

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