Book Review | Irresistibly Yours by Lark Brennan

Title: Irresistibly Yours

Author: Lark Brennan 

Series: The Durand Chronicles #2

Age: Adult

Genres: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: June 21, 2016

Publisher: Diversion Publshing

Source: eBook provided for review

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In Lark Brennan s follow-up to the dazzling debut "Dangerously Yours," she delves more deeply into the Durand family its powers, its enemies, and the battles that wage both within and without.

Adrien Durand, one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, was born for a life of action and intrigue. But when his father dies suddenly, he s forced to return to Paris to take over his family s business empire, standing guard over the ancient source of their abilities at a time of great peril. When a beautiful American empath crosses his path, he first suspects she's a spy. But a dazzling energy flows between them, forming a psychic link he s powerless to break.

Tate Fulbright was born with a telepathic gift that she both treasures and loathes. She has coped so far by losing herself in work, but on a business trip to Paris she meets the impossibly sexy Adrien Durand, and her carefully constructed facade begins to crumble. Tate hoped only to see the city sights and never expected to be drawn into Adrien s glamorous and high-risk world. But when Adrien s enemies target her, she must set aside her pride and accept his protection.

Adrien Durand prides himself on his self-control, but as his enemies draw near and his psychic connection to Tate grows, he soon finds himself in danger of losing his grip on the links that keep his mind and his family together. Do Adrien and Tate have a chance for a future together, or will a dangerous fate destroy them both?

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
This was a beautiful paranormal story centered around psychics. I'm rating this a 4.5 stars. I don't get the chance to read many books like this so I definitely had to read it. This was written beautifully and it was full of drama, twists, turns and an adorable romance. I love that this story took place in Paris -- just full of romance and adventure.

Adrien Durand is the sentier of the Durand family which was given to him after his father passed. He controls the Source and takes care of his family with the help of the Guardians and the Protectors. His enemies are the Dissemblers and he tends to not trust anyone but his cousin Mark. Adrien was a strong man who guarded his heart and kept his circle tight. He didn't care to get wrapped up in women and he kept his work separate from play. The things he went through in life weren't all good and I felt bad for him. He took his position as sentier even though he didn't want it for various reasons. Adrien may seem cold-hearted and put-off, but once his barriers are knocked down he turns into a warm, loving, tender and caring man. I loved him from start to finish. He was phenomenal!

Tate Fulbright works for a pharmaceutical company with an overly perverted boss. She is in Paris on business, but when things go terribly wrong after she stepped foot in Adrien's store she learns more about herself than she could ever could. Tate is a very strong woman. She dealt with a boss that harassed her nonstop. She worked hard and she knew how to have fun. She did doubt her own beauty, but I was happy when she learned she was worth it. Tate was caring, loving, understanding and tender. The way she stood by Adrien through everything was beautiful and the way the Guardians connected with her was amazing. I love her empath and psychic abilities. Just a strong, stunning woman.

The romance was beautiful. Even though it was quick, things progressed in a slow manner between Tate and Adrien. They took the time to open to each other and really understand their connection through the psychic link. I loved it all including the few steamy scenes they had.

The Durand family is such a wild family. They are loving, serious, fun people but cross them and you're looking at a world of hurt. I loved Lex and Mark for sure. I want to read more about them.

Uldrich Gruen is a Dissembler and the nemesis of Adrien. At first I just thought he was just an insane man that joined the Dissemblers. As the story neared and his true identity was revealed I began to understand everything about him. I enjoyed his role, he played it well, but his jealousy overtook everything in his life and was his true downfall.

Irina is a disgusting woman. I can't believe how much she tried to destroy Adrien from day one. She irritated me with how much she wanted to be a Durand. She needs to grow a heart and move on with life. I'm mad about the ending with her, but I guess she'll pop back up in the other stories.

The world of Protectors, Dissemblers, the different sources and psychics just makes me so happy! I haven't read the first book in the series, but I definitely plan to read it because this series just sounds so amazing. A family full of psychics -- I need more.

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