Book Review | Fear the Heart by Hettie Ivers

Title: Fear the Heart

Author: Hettie Ivers

Series: Werelock Evolution #3

Age: Adult

Genres: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: May 24, 2016

Pages: 236 pages

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Guarding the heart is no simple matter…

The mating bond between werewolves can be a real betch. Just ask soon-to-be werewolf Milena Caro—who is fated to spend an eternity with her brother’s archenemy and about to enter her first heat cycle. 

As Alex steps up his seduction attempts, Milena uncovers more startling truths kept from her since birth, leaving her at a loss as to whom to trust and what to believe.

To make things worse, there’s the not so simple matter of anill-fated blood curse that’s blossoming to life within her, threatening to unlock a reign of darkness upon the world with the power to destroy everyone.

When Milena’s heat cycle kicks into full gear, will she be able to resist the pull of her mating bond and thumb her nose at fate?

Being bound to one of the most attractive, powerful werelocks on the planet can’t be all bad… can it?

**Mature Content Warning** - This book contains violence, strong language, and graphic sex and is intended for adult readers. This book is part of a series and contains a cliffhanger ending. Word count: 79K

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
This was just an awesome sequel. Man, I am definitely a new fan of Hettie Ivers. I cannot believe how gripping, intense and steamy this book is without being overly erotic. Once again the characters and the story is just amazing. The way all the characters blend with one another is just phenomenal.

Milena is still amazing and even more badass and bold now that she is undergoing her change to a werelock. She has definitely come into herself. She's learning control her powers and also learning accept that she can and will fall for Alex. The truth about her family lineage is insane, but I love how she growing. Not to mention her she-wolf is badass!!

Alex is still the bad Alpha male, but I definitely think I'm loving him more than his brother. Everything about him is a charade, he is actually the sweetest guy ever. I love how amazing he truly is with Milena and how he expressed himself at the end -- just amazing.

Raul is a character that I don't know if I should like him, hate him or feel sorry for him. He seems like a good brother, but the way he lied to Alex about Milena. Is he being controlled? Is he following behind Gabe? What is his true motive?

Overall, I cannot even wait for the third book, Revenge of the Wronged, to come because the romance between Milena and Alex is definitely brewing. I also need to see how things turns out with Raul -- I'm loving this trilogy!!!

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  1. Thank you so much, Nay! :) Love your review of Fear the Heart (and LOVE your beautiful blogspot, btw)! xoxo Hettie


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