Review: Souls Forsaken

Souls Forsaken Souls Forsaken by Emma L. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy for review from the publisher.

Holy hell this was awesome! Even though this was shorter it was still jam packed with action, drama and so many twists! Emma L. Adams is absolutely brilliant. This series is just out of this world. I love the demons, the ghouls, the spirits and just the whole use of magic. The world is beyond outstanding!

Ashlyn has just found out some crazy things in the third book (Demon Heart) and also lost her boyfriend. Now she has to piece back together her life as the second year commencing. She has become stronger and more connected with the Darkworld in this series and I love it. She has her moments of weakness and her moments where she loses control of herself and allows her demon half to take over, but she is strong. Ash is amazing in all ways; she really knows how to survive and protect the ones she love. She could have easily given up -- even when Leo came back -- but she fought all the way to the end and it was amazing.

Melivia, the fortune-teller, is amazing. I never really hated her throughout the story. I thought she had her moments of being creepy, but when all was revealed in the third book it all made sense. She may have been consumed by guilt and "owned" by Lucifer, the sorcerer, but she always did what she could to protect Ashlyn and I respected that. What she did at the end made me cry. She better come back in the next book!

Lucifer, the sorcerer, is just a damn douchebag. I can't believe how deep his plans went -- especially with having the Inner Circle taken by a few of the Seven (higher demons). It was insane! He is seriously deranged. I think it was all a game for him in terms of controlling Melivia. He irked my soul. He was a great antagonist though -- brilliant in every way. I can't believe what the other human-demon told Ash at the end -- just insane.

That ending -- oh my -- that was a total cliffhanger for me and I need the next book now! I am too excited to get my hands on Darkness Falling when it comes out. I'm just in love with this series!

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