Review: Shattered Girls

Shattered Girls Shattered Girls by Tyrolin Puxty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy for review through the publisher.

Wow...this sequel was amazing. Tyrolin Puxty created such an awesome story that is based off the first novel so well. Broken Dolls was suspenseful thriller for me and it set the tone for what took place in this book.

Ella is back to being a doll and is enjoying her life, but she is starting to realize that staying a doll probably wasn't the best move for her family. Ella is still as bold and talkative as ever, but she is more knowledgeable on things and her emotions. I love how connected she is to Gabby, how strong her connection with her husband becomes and how brave she was when things came down to saving the ones she love and the world in essence.

Gabby has changed in this book. She much more snappy and snotty in this book especially being that she's 16 years old. She seems to have some hurt from the choice Ella made in staying a doll. I loved how Gabby was set on finding her parents and helping her grandfather. She was still the curious child as ever. Love Gabby.

Daniel, the grandfather, is awesome. Parts of me disliked him in the first book, but he was truly an amazing scientist. What he invented and created could have saved lives. I loved even more his love for his wife. No matter how Ella treated him, he stayed by her side and supported her even when it hurt. I'm so happy things worked out in the end for him.

The whole abducted people because of the low IQ's and being criminals to turn them into dolls was freaking insane! Who the heck were these damn people in Daniel's company and how insane were they. They pissed me off. As much as I loved what Lisa did in this story her plans to come make me hate her once again.

Overall, this was awesome! I'm excited to read Fractured World when it comes out because that cliffhanger in the book and preview of chapter one has me prepared for more deranged things. Especially with Lisa.

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