Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
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Oh my...I just felt my heart drop and the tears roll down my eyes. This was freaking amazing! I cannot believe how quickly I read this and how gripping it was. This is by far my F A V O R I T E contemporary novel ever! This book gave me all the feels in the world. From happiness to anger to disgust to laughter to love to heartbreak and confusion. Just so many feels.

Louisa has just lost her job and has tried working various ones and quit them. She finally lands the job of being a carer for a quadriplegic having never been a carer before. Louisa finds out the truth about why she is hired and in finding the truth her life changes for the better. Louisa was an amazing woman. She was strong willed, hardworking, kind, funny, down to earth and just the best person in the world. She was just outstanding in all ways. She was in a relationship with an idiot, but then she fell in love with her client. In working with her client, Will, she learned to open her mind to new things and really embrace life and have fun.

Will used to be a man of adventure and fun but now that he is a quadriplegic he has become a major downer about life and he has made up his mind about what he wants to do with himself. Will has to battle with so many personal emotions and even though he may be different he seems to be the only one stopping himself from truly living. I hated finding out what his true plan was for his life. I had hope Louisa could change his mind, but he was dead set on his choice. I will say that within those six months of being around Louisa he was able to find happiness and love once more. I just wish he would have fought a little harder. Will was funny, blunt, sarcastic, amazing, deep and just the ideal guy. I loved him!

The romance was phenomenal! I loved that Louisa and Will gradually fell for one another after spending so much time together. The love wasn't out of pity either. They clicked on such a profound level. They could talk for hours, Louisa made Will laugh and smile again. Will made Louisa see that she was worth more and could do more with her life. I really loved how it all worked out. That scene on the beach tore me into pieces. I couldn't even deal -- all the tears just rolled. The kisses they shared may have been light, but the power and emotions behind them were out of this world. Amazing romance even though they never became an actual couple.

Patrick was a grade A asshole. I hated him throughout the story because not once did he truly show any care or love towards Louisa. After five plus years together he just acted like an ass. His ego was too big, he was focused on fitness and running more so than making Louisa happy. He just irritated my soul and finding out what he did with what Louisa told him pissed me off highly. I really didn't like him at all!

The ending was heartbreaking and amazing. Just phenomenal. I definitely need to read more from Jojo Moyes. I highly recommend this book to all!!

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