Review: The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

The Demon King The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a hard to rate star wise. I'm definitely giving this 4.5 stars though. The beginning started off slow, the middle was okay, but that ending -- even though predictable -- was freaking amazing! It was amazing.

I think this was a great setup for all that's to come within the series. A lot of base detailing, character info and world building. This was full of a few unexpected twists and turns. The dual perspectives and how everything seemed to mesh and will continue to mesh in the coming books was just unbelievable good. The writing captivated, the interactions were outstanding. Just amazing work.

Princess heir Raisa is a spunky young woman. She is coming to the age of 16 when she is marriageable and closer to becoming queen, but she isn't your typical princess. She may be of royal blood, but she is also apart of the clan, thanks to her father's blood. She is smart, questions everything, seeks to do some real good in the world and wants to be more than a trophy for the queendom. She has some serious desires to help her people and even live her own life. The way she handled herself with Han and even with Micah towards the end was incredible. I will say -- she has a bit of a kissing problem -- I'm surprised she hasn't kissed Han yet. I absolutely love Raisa.

Han is a boy of many words. He goes by many names as he used to be a streetlord, he hangs around the clans and he also does runs. Unfortunately, life has given him so many horrible cards, but he shockingly found ways around them. He may have been a thief and gang member, but in all that he was caring, loving, smart and always sought to help his mam and sister Mari. I admire him because he never gave up. He always fought back and when he was wronged he sought out to find the truth. Even towards the end when his life really went to shambles he held his head high. I'm excited to see him come into his true self and especially get revenge on those that wronged him!

Dancer was an awesome friend to Han. I feel like he and Han were destined to be friends because of their true parents and what lies within their bloods. It amazes me how similar they are in everything. Amon is an amazing guy and friend to Raisa. Even though nothing can happen between the two, he sticks by her side and makes sure to protect her as much as he can. I love Amon.

Micah Bayer is a character I just can't seem to hate, but don't care for at the same time. I feel bad that he is forced into his father's schemes. I feel like he truly does have feelings for Raisa, but with all the scheming and plotting he can't seem to get her to truly notice him. He needs to grow a pair of balls and just stand up against his father.

Lord Bayer is an evil man seeking more power than he already has. He wants to erase the queendom and turn it into a kingdom by using his own son which is despicable. What he did in Fells to the southies and raggers was wrong. Him trying to break the naeming will only cause issues with the clan's. I hope he dies and I hope he finds out who Han really is.

Queen Marianna is a weak woman. I have no other words to describe her. I can't stand how she is easily pushed around by the Bayer and how she keeps taking choices away from her daughter. Even how she allowed her daughter's father to be harmed. It's all insane. Hope she can be cleansed of Lord Bayer's charms and spells somehow.

I'm excited to see how things unfold for Han and Raisa and if they come together to really build the world the way it should have been back before. I'm also expecting much more magic! Great fantasy story.

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