Review: Demon Heart

Demon Heart Demon Heart by Emma L. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a copy from the publisher for review.

Oh my words, thoughts and happiness!!!! This was amazing! Let me just say -- I love this whole darn series. The characters, the worlds, the drama and the romance are outstanding and the writing is simply phenomenal. Emma L. Adams has written such a phenomenal YA/NA paranormal novel that continues to grow with each turn of the page and each book.

This book follows up perfectly after the second book, Walking Shadow, Ash and Leo are now finally a couple and are enjoying their time and lives together as best they could. Things seem to be going perfect until Howard and Bernice are attacked by shadow beasts and the Venantium arrest Madame Persephone. Things unravel quickly and so much takes places that rips Ashlyn's world apart.

Ashlyn now has a handle on her demon half and her powers. She's learning to live her life and just be. She still quirky every now and then, but she also seems to have become more serious in this book. Leo is still the fantastic guy I love. He is sweet, funny, lovable and learning about his father allowed me to see Leo even better.

The Venantium are still cowardice fools arresting and questioning magic users as they please. I think they should have been more concerned with preparing for the war that's to come instead of arresting Madame Persephone or questioning non-registered magic users. They should have been working to find out more about Lucifer.

Madame Persephone just blew my mind. She was always a suspicious character to me, but finding out who she was and how she was intertwined with Ash was seriously crazy. She is absolutely amazing in protecting the children at all costs and even allowing herself to be seen as a criminal. I seriously love her and hope to find out more about her!

Mephistopheles is a demon that works for Lucifer the sorcerer. His hell bent mission on getting Ashlyn or her heart is relentless and annoying. I hated him popping up everywhere and destroying/killing people. He irked my nerve -- especially what he did to Leo and Ash -- just tore me to pieces.

Lucifer, the sorcerer, has yet to be seen in this book so I hope to read more about him in the coming books. The talk about him and his powers seems serious. I'm curious if the other Lucifer, the higher-demon, will come into play as well in the coming books.

Claudia, Howard, Cyrus and Bernice are still great magic users, but Bernice continues to piss me off! Even after Ash told the rest of them about being half demon Bernice continued to be a jerk to her. Just horrible. Cara is an awesome best-friend. I just hope she doesn't turn out to be a demon -- that would blow my mind further.

That ending!!! Oh my, not really a cliffhanger, but those last 2-3 chapters left me emotionally wrecked! The truth about Madame Persephone, the deal with Ash and what Leo did -- just out of this world emotional. I have so many feels! Emma L. Adams did a fantastic job leaving a suspenseful feel for whats to come. I have so many questions about everyone, but at least Ashlyn is now rich. I'm totally moving ahead to reading the 4th book, Souls Forsaken, now! This series has so many possibilities from here on out. I totally recommend this series to paranormal lovers!

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