Book Review | To-Do Him List by Denise Marie

Title: To-Do Him List

Author: Denise Marie

Series: Lipstick Diaries #1

Age: Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: July 10th 2015 

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc

Source: Review copy via NetGalley

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With her life expectancy most likely measured in weeks, Isabelle Chambers jettisons her risk-free, missionary-position life for a to-do list that is short on dull and long on passion.

Cole Davies may be living his dream as lead singer for Scandals complete with fame, fortune, and unlimited female attention, but life still feels incomplete. So when Isabelle takes her list viral on Twitter he can’t resist her appeal.

From flying to bondage and touring with the band to getting it on in public, Isabelle’s To-Do Him List turns them both inside out. Then things get hotter than either planned and they both need to decide what they’ll risk for love.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
To-Do Him List is such a phenomenal read! This is one that will definitely change your life since it deals with some series health issues. It made me realize that life is simply too short to walk around on egg shells and not fully do things before I can't. Loved the writing -- it was fantastic.

Isabelle Chambers has just finished grieving the lost of her husband when she goes to the doctor to find out some life changing news. The doctors tell her that her chance with surgery is slim. She decides to step out of her comfort zone and really enjoy her life. She makes a bucket list not realizing that it would take her to the man of her dreams. Isabelle is a sweet woman. Even though she is dealing with the news of her life, dealing with pain and headaches every now and then she still manages to be lighthearted about it and enjoy life. She's funny, wild and uninhibited. I loved it!

Cole Davies is apart of the band Scandal and he hasn't had a real connection with a woman for a long time. It's not until he sees Isabelle's bucket list that he decides he needs to open his mind to new things. He knew she was going to be fun, but he didn't expect her to be the one. Cole was an amazing man. He may have had the rock star appearance with tattoos and piercings to match, but he was truly a loving, sweet man. He catered to Isabelle's every need and always tried to make things fun and good for her. He pushed his desires to the side to ensure that she felt safe and cared for. Cole never held back and I loved that about him.

The romance was beautiful. I love how they met through twitter because it's so realistic to how a lot of people nowadays meet. They were both nervous around each other constantly, but they both felt the pull. They tried to deny themselves, but eventually failed. The way they blossomed was amazing. Especially with that ending -- perfect!

The girls: Katherine, Abigail and Taryn are true friends. They were there for Isabelle from start to finish. They made sure she got to experience life before she went to get surgery. They loved her and didn't treat as fragile no matter what the doctor said. Her mother Carol included. Just amazing.

The other guys from the band were awesome as well. I loved how forward Drew was and how open Zander was. Not much from Brett, but he like the others were cool. I loved Derek, the driver, as well. They all took a real interest in Isabelle as a person and made her feel comfortable and loved. Amazing!

I highly recommend this book. It's an awesome read! I need a sequel with Isabelle and Cole asap!

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