Book Review | If Tomorrow Never Comes by Mary J. Williams

Title: If Tomorrow Never Comes

Author: Mary J. Williams

Series: Harper Falls #2

Age: Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military

Publication Date: May 29, 2015

Publisher: n/a

Source: Review via Kindle Unlimited

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Welcome back to Harper Falls, WA, a place where love is in the air, but danger is just around the corner.

Dani Wilde had already met the love of her life and lost him. Two weeks of passion and romance five years ago. Then he had walked away.

Dani thought she had moved on, She dated, enjoyed the company of other men, even thought that she was keeping her heart open to the possibility of another love. But when Alex Fleming rode his motorcycle into Harper Falls, she knew she had been kidding herself. Her heart was still his.

Alex Fleming knew what was waiting for him in Harper Falls. His sister, his best friend, a good job, and the woman he'd spent the last five years dreaming about--trying to forget. At the time, walking away had seemed like the only way. Now he has a second chance, but it isn't just his personal demons keeping him from Dani, his past is about to put the only woman he's ever loved in danger.

He has a choice, walk away again or stay and fight.

Love has a way of catching up with you. Dani and Alex are getting a second chance at their happily ever after. Now they just have to be strong enough to take it.

Book two in the Harper Falls series is a stand alone story.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
This was an absolute beautiful contemporary military romance. I'm rating this a 4.5 star because it just ended too quickly for me. I always find these kinds of stories amazing because the male is the one with all the baggage once he leaves the military. Mary J. Williams is a new author for me, but after reading this and falling in love with her writing I'll definitely read more from her.

This story follows Dani Wilde and Alex Fleming 5 years after they first met and fell in love with one another. Harper Falls is Dani's hometown, she thought life could continue on even though she had her heartbroken. Everything was peaceful until a hot guy rides in one his motorcycle and she's sees that it's the only guy she ever loved...Alex Fleming. The story takes off from there.

Dani Wilde is definitely not your typical woman. She may seem fragile and sweet, but she has a black belt and can fire off like a cannon when pissed. I enjoyed Dani so much. She never really held her tongue, but she was always understanding and caring. She knew when to take things slow and when to turn the heat up. She knew she made a mistake 5 years ago and decided this time around she wouldn't make that same mistake. Dani definitely has some fire in her.

Alex Fleming is the hot guy that just left the military. He's sexy, smart, strong and funny. He may seem put together, but he carries his own demons from his military life. Alex was amazing -- I loved him from start to finish. He kept things truthful no matter what. He never lied which for a contemporary novel is great. He was always down to have sex with Dani, but he was also emotionally attached to her. He knew he loved her, but with his issue he didn't want to chance any harm towards her. Alex was the perfect kind of guy.

The romance was absolutely amazing! Two strangers that met by chance have fun and fall in love within two weeks to leave and come back together again five years later for a second chance. What's not to love! I loved how determined both Alex and Dani was. He was determined to stay away from her so he wouldn't harm her. She was determined to make him acknowledge they were meant for each other. I love how the roles were reversed in a sense with their relationship. Dani was the one pushing for sex, relationship and being together, while Alex was afraid, had baggage and tried to stay strong.

That ending was written so quickly, but beautiful all the same. I definitely enjoyed this story and all the secondary characters such as Rose and Tyler, Dani's best friends. Along with Jack and Drew, Alex's friends. Even though this a companion series I definitely plan to get my hands on book one (If I Loved You) and book two (If You Only Knew) to find out about the other two ladies and their men. I even might read up on Alex's sister as well in book four (If I Had You Christmas in Harper Falls).

Great contemporary and definitely recommend it!

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