Review: Up All Night

Up All Night Up All Night by Michele Callahan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Up All Night is a great, quick contemporary romance with such intriguing characters with interesting backstories.

Mitchell is a doctor who vowed to never truly love again after being put in situations with various women. He wants a woman that can work for her own money without thinking he's a bank, a woman that knows what is to give all of herself the same as he can. He was used to being with one woman for only a month and then moving on to the next until he met Jessica and she completely changed his world.

Jessica is a writer and she enjoys the simple things in life. She wants to fall in love, but she has sworn off from doctors of any sort. She wants a man that's loyal, honest and loving. A guy that's looking for something long term. What she didn't expect was to break her one rule when she met Mitchell.

Both Mitchell and Jessica had some interesting things going on in their lives that happened in the past. Mitchell lost his brother and ended up being adopted. The circumstances were seriously heartbreaking. I couldn't imagine life with what he saw right before him. Jessica's father is a cheating, lying surgeon and both her parents have had about 8 marriages total. That's just insane that they don't care to show her what true love is. I'm glad Mitchell and Jessica still turned out to be great people.

The romance was pretty darn good. It wasn't a quick love at first sight romance which I enjoyed. They had their obstacles of course from both Mitchell being a stubborn and Jessica assuming the worse, but they were adorable together. I'm also glad this wasn't doused in sex -- when there was a scene it was written flawlessly.

Up All Night is pretty awesome. I haven't read any of the other books in the Love You Like A Love Song series with the other brothers, but either way I definitely plan to. Mitchell and his brothers were absolutely awesome.

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