Review: Uncut

Uncut Uncut by Claudia Y. Burgoa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received an ARC through NetGalley.

Uncut is a very different yet romantic contemporary romance about a threesome relationship. It's not labeled by sexuality which I enjoyed. It shocked me how much I enjoyed it because I don't read many MM romance novels. Claudia Burgoa has written such a detailed and intense romance with such different and amazing characters.

Matthew is sort of the "main character" in my opinion. He is a hardworker man and handsome. He never really has time to date, but he's always looking for a quickie with someone. He doesn't have a label. He is interested in women and men -- if he's attracted to them he's down for whatever. He has many talents -- owning businesses, writing novels, being a musician and much more. He found love in two people -- male and female -- and was determined to build a relationship with them both.

Tristan is the second character that's met in this story. He works with Matthew's brother and owns his own business. He is hot, a hardworker and smart. He has his own issues between dealing with his sexuality and his family being rude about his choices in who he dates. I feel like Tristan was always into men -- he was gay from the start but with his parents being rude and trying to get him "off his phase" he somehow decided to be with men and women because he has attractions to both. He is much more into men and I hated seeing him break down because he felt wrong for being with Matthew. Yes he loved Thea, but he definitely loved Matt more. I cried when he felt like being a "hero" but I was happy with how everything ended for him. Especially with his father -- just perfect.

Thea is a beautiful, hardworking, kind and determined woman -- but she is also shattered from her broken past. What she went through really messed her up with being in a relationship, but I was happy that she gave it all a try. She worked on things for herself and definitely became a better person in the end. She had her own business, she enjoyed writing, she had her doctorate degree which blew my mind -- she was just phenomenal all around. Strong definitely.

The romance was absolutely amazing. Between Matthew wanting Tristan, but then him falling in love with Thea -- it just started a whole new thing for them all. The fact that Matthew wanted a relationship with both of them was insane at first, but as the story progressed and I looked at each relationship they had with one another it just made so much sense. They were all perfect for each other. I loved that ending -- just freaking amazing!

Overall I absolutely enjoyed how different this was and totally recommend this to anyone looking for something different, intriguing or even intense in a contemporary romance novel. It's simply amazing!

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