Review: Total D*ck

Total D*ck Total D*ck by Christina Saunders
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Received an ARC through NetGalley

Oh my, no words to express ho great this book was from start to finish. The drama, the plot twists, the romance, the characters were just to die for! Christina Saunders is absolutely brilliant in her writing.

Kennedy is a lawyer like his brothers and the youngest of the Granade brothers. He is known as a total dick because of his attitude with people and his reputation with woman. He definitely isn't a softy like his brothers; I don't think he ever thought about settling down with a woman. It wasn't until he crossed paths with Scarlett that he wanted something more with a woman. Kennedy is definitely the kind of guy that one would call a prick. He pushes buttons, he likes to speak his mind, he has no filter, but one thing for sure he is good at his job and even humble at times. I loved his loud, outgoing character. He was definitely the male version of Evan (read Bad Bitch to know more about her).

Scarlett is the only woman working at a prestigious firm. She is a lawyer that works hard to get where she is, but she is also from an elite family. She knew Kennedy was a dick, but she didn't expect to fall for him. I loved Scarlett because even though she was from the elite she didn't necessarily act snobby towards people. She didn't use her name and money to get places. No, she worked hard -- maybe even harder than most people to get where she was. She was smart, daring and knew that she could get what she wanted. She was awesome.

The romance between Kennedy and Scarlett was definitely a hot, scorching flame. They started out despising each other, but as the story progressed they couldn't deny their attraction towards one another. The sex between them was always rough and crazy -- I thought it was awesome! As much as Scarlett tried to not fall in love, she somehow tamed Kennedy into being a one woman man and they fell in love with each other. Just perfect!

Loved the appearance that Lincoln and Wash made. I just love the two older brothers. I love that Lincoln got married to Evan! That plot twist that was thrown in with Eric and Rhone was insane. I love how all three stories had some serious drama to it and action with guns blazing some how, some way. Charlotte was a definite character for me. She had me laughing the whole time when she was flirting with Scarlett.

The Granade brothers are a trifecta of hot, smart, sexy men with amazing hearts. I loved them all. I definitely will read more work from Christina Saunders!

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