Review: Tangled

Tangled Tangled by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tangled was a such a good contemporary romance. It was a quick, fun read with some humorous moments from both the main characters.

Drew is hot guy that always gets what he wants, has money, has a great job and bangsdifferent women every night. He never expected to find love, but he did when he least expected it. He was use to partying and winning women over with his charm, but with one particular woman he had to work hard. Drew may have had his douchebag moments, but he was truthful, sweet, kind, loving, funny, sarcastic, blunt and hot. He was a determined man that knew what he wanted and always found ways to get them. I respected Drew through the ups and downs because he stayed truthful to himself throughout it all. Drew was fantastic.

Kate is the kind of woman that wants a man to love her wholly. Not just use her for sex. She lands a great job and works hard for everything she has. She was engaged during the first part of the book, but I felt like she deserved better then Mr. Billy (he was beyond a douchebag). Kate was kind, loving, smart, witty, funny and sweet. She knew what she wanted but she doubted herself at times. I love her.

The romance was pretty damn awesome. A forbidden romance in a sense because they were co-workers, Kate was engaged and Drew had to take her under his wing. That screamed no in so many ways, but when they broke down and kissed it was scorching hot! I enjoyed their back and forth drama. I love how Drew consoled her when Billy left her. I love how Drew tried to win her back after he realized he loved her a lot. The sex was phenomenal as well in this story. Not too over the top which I appreciated. This was a well written and developed romance.

Emma Chase has written such a great story that I just have to continue on in the series and find out what more is in store for Drew and Kate.

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