Review: Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a pretty great contemporary BDSM romance novel. Maya Banks writing was phenomenal and kept me drawn in from start to finish. I love how mixed this story was as far as genres.

Grayson and Faith were absolutely amazing. I loved how they completed each other in all ways -- sexually, mentally and physically. They balanced each other out so well. The romance was great, it was slow build up even though they were both bold and forward with one another. The whole BDSM take in this story was great. It wasn't extreme which I loved. Grayson knew he wanted a woman to submit without having to deal with the idea of humiliating her. He was downright bold, confident and amazing. Faith may have seemed like a sweet, naive woman, but she knew what she wanted in a man and wanted to explore her sexuality and dark desires without shame -- and she did. Those two were fabulous.

All the other drama in the story with Samuel, Alex's death and the job Grayson was sent to do just made this even more enticing. Definitely loved this story! Plan to read more from Maya Banks.

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