Review: The Solitude of Passion

The Solitude of Passion The Solitude of Passion by Addison Moore
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The Solitude of Passion is absolutely amazing. This definitely bored me at first, but I'm glad I kept reading on because it was amazing. This is told in three different perspectives which I think is great considering the whole marriage aspect of this story. Each character was unique in their own way. I loved this. Addison Moore is a fantastic writer.

Lee is a sweet woman. She is kind, loving, giving and puts her soul into anything and anyone she loves. Problem is she loves two men. One she secretly loved since her childhood days, the other she married and loved dearly the same. Lee is put in such a crazy situation with two men that she loves and she surprisingly handles herself well. She doesn't lose herself in both men which I appreciated. What I didn't care too much for was her back and forth and her thinking she was meant to be with Mitch instead of Max. It's clear that she would have been with Max if Mitch didn't make a quick move on her. Lee is phenomenal -- a business woman, a loving wife and a great mother to amazing kids.

Mitch is Lee's first husband. They've been in love since their high school days and he did anything to keep her including remove his bestfriend Max from his life. Mitch goes away on a business trip to China and finds himself in an unfortunate situation. Now everyone believes he is dead. He's been away for five years and he returns thinking life would be back to normal but he is mistaken -- his wife remarried, but they are also still married. Mitch seemed like a great guy and husband, but as the story progressed I just couldn't care for him much. From the start of their relationship I feel like he was manipulating Lee to be with him. Even when he returned he tried so hard to wiggle back in her life with no regard to her husband. I get that all he ever wanted was to return to his wife and daughter, but he handled himself like a brat. I will say, however, when things got clear to him -- he finally realized that Lee had moved on and needed to be happy with or without him. I hated how the story ended for him. Totally was not expected.

Max is the guy that has always loved Lee and will continue to love her. He didn't make a move because he knew Mitch was her husband. He was the one that saw her first and had her taken from him. When Mitch is considered dead he does the douchebag move of comforting Lee and getting involved with her, but he was genuine in his love for her. So happy he and Lee got married, but Mitch returning caused some major issues for him and I could understand. He loved her more than life. Possibly even more than Mitch did. Max had never strayed from loving and wanting her but he was always respectful of it -- wish I could say the same for Mitch. Out of both guys I loved Max more because of how genuine and real he was. He even still cared for Mitch despite what Mitch did to him.

Both men were great for Lee and had apart of her heart, but I feel like Max was just the better choice for her. This was definitely an intense romance with an unlikely ending. I loved everything about this story. It started off boring for me, but as I continued to read on I couldn't stop. This is phenomenal. If you're into a complex love triangle with marriage mixed in this is absolutely great to pick up!

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