Review: Princess of Tyrone

Princess of Tyrone Princess of Tyrone by Katie Hamstead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a review copy through the publisher.

Princess of Tyrone was a really fairy-tale retelling. I loved the way it combined both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty into one novel. I enjoyed the sci-fi/fantasy twist in this as well. It was beautiful written with amazing characters, but at the same time it was a bit predictable when it came to both the prince and the princess. I definitely want to continue with the next book.

Apolline has been raised by her three fairy god-mothers for the past 20 years. She believed herself to be a huntress and an orphan. She never thought her life was anything special. It wasn't until her 21st birthday approached that things started becoming hectic and everyone started acting strange that she knew something was off. I loved Apolline! She was bold, sarcastic, daring, kind and knew how to fight. She never allowed anyone to kick her down and when they did she kept her head held high. She was beautiful and humorous. I absolutely loved her!

Allard was a nice young man. He was in the military, but no one knew he was actually the prince. He was sweet, kind, adventurous, humorous and sarcastic when need be. When he meets Apolline he falls for her because of how direct she is, but he is betrothed to someone and knows that he nor she can break their engagement. Even with that his heart basically melts for Apolline. I love Allard!

The romance between them was absolutely perfect. I love how Ashland (one of the fairies) had Apolline and Allard come together to meet before her 21st birthday. Even though neither one knew they were betrothed to one another they knew they couldn't and shouldn't overstep their boundaries which was amazing. I love that when things finally came to light they fully embraced one another with so much love. The romance was just amazing!

Bryanna, the evil sorceress and Apolline's aunt, was a piece of work. She frustrated me with how jealous she was. She couldn't even be happy for anyone. The fact that she was determined to kill her niece to cause pain to her sister and ex is just ridiculous. That ending through me for a loop though! What does she have up her sleeve?

I'm definitely interested in reading more to find out what else goes in on this series. It seems really awesome.

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