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Only For A Night Only For A Night by Naima Simone
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Received an ARC through NetGalley.

Only For a Night is beautiful, quick, erotic read. Naima Simone created two characters with very different backgrounds that love each other, but haven't seen each other in 5 years. Now that time has past they are thrown back together for one night of pleasure at a sex club and emotions come flaring back for the two.

Rion was a gangster, the son of a hitman, he was in an Irish mob, but he left that life to open up Lick with three buddies. Lick is a popular sex club that explores more than BDSM. It's place where people can fill any and all of their desires. Rion seems to be a guy that is hardcore and rough, but he truly is a soft, sweet, heartfelt guy. He has loved one girl for a long time, but due to his own insecurities and his lifestyle he walked away from her thinking it would give her a happy life, but he was wrong. Rion may have been in a mob, but he wasn't your typical bad boy. He knew how to please a woman and even when he didn't think he was worthy of love from a sweet girl he definitely deserved it. I like how he wasn't so much and cocky, but rather reserved and cautious. It was amazing to see him be more afraid than Harper.

Harper is the girl that lives in the suburbs and should be a house wife, but she wants more out of life. She wants freedom after being in a loveless, hard, prison-like marriage. She always was fond of sex toys, but her husband would call her all types of names. Now that she was widowed she sought after the only man she ever truly loved and wanted him to not only help her fill her desires, but to be his. Harper may have been naive, but one thing for sure -- she knew what she wanted and never backed down. She wanted to be dominated and possessed. She wanted to be sexually free without judgement. She wanted to make her own decision without guilt. Harper was strong and I loved her.

The romance was beautiful between both of them was amazing. They loved each other since they were kids, but separated for five years because Rion let her go. Now that they were together again they had one night of full on pleasure and doused themselves in love. The two of them loved one another, but never said a thing because one was afraid they weren't worthy enough and the other felt like they just wasn't desired. I'm glad they both came to realization of what they wanted and was able to become a couple and truly love one another without fear.

This was absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure if there will be a sequel for the couple or if it will be a companion novel, but I'm looking forward to the second book.

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