Review: Midnight

Midnight Midnight by Elizabeth Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a pretty good contemporary romance between a broken woman and a powerful man with a broken soul. This was just amazing to read and see how each of the characters grew individually and how everything unraveled at the end.

Charlie is a writer and she is broken from her past. Colin is a senator and he is running for president. He is broken from his past, but he likes to fix things. Surprisingly, he can't seem to fix himself until he met her. The two of them are complete opposites, yet they mesh so damn well together.

Charlie is outspoken and fun, yet she hides behind it to cover up her broken heart. Colin is serious and hard, yet he still has some warmth to his soul that he likes to keep sealed in. Together they learn to love and move forward until circumstances bring them to a shocking end.

As much as I wanted give this 5 stars, I couldn't seem to because I still had some confusion -- like the guy that was stalking Charlie...was it Shane? What exactly was Ella's issue when she confronted Colin at the end? What secrets are Colin hiding? Granted I'm sure it will come up in the other two books, I still felt incomplete after reading it.

However, the romance was amazing! It wasn't instant which I enjoyed. The sexual tension was insane and the sex seemed to be amazing. Charlie learned that she had a wild side and Colin was dominant which I thought was amazing.

No matter how different they were and their past issues, I was totally rooting for them until Colin seemed to have screwed up. I will definitely read the next two books to see how the couples turns out, if Colin becomes president and if my questions get answered.

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