Review: Meat

Meat Meat by Opal Carew
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Recieved a review copy through NetGalley.

This book was quick, phenomenal and heartwarming. I absolutely loved it! I enjoyed the mild bdsm thrown into this as well. Rebecca is a manager of a restaurant and loves her job. Rex is the new chef, but he's also more business wise. Rebecca and Rex's relationship was absolutely amazing. They met as strangers and instantly fell in love after a one night chance encounter. What they didn't expect was for them to work at the same hotel and that one of them was the boss of the other. I loved the dynamic between the two of them. The sex scenes were pretty damn steamy, especially with Rex being "greatly endowed" -- just awesome. Definitely recommend this if you're looking for a quick, romance with mild bdsm.

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