Review: Karma Patrol

Karma Patrol Karma Patrol by Kate Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a review copy from the publisher to review.

As always, I am stunned by how beautiful the covers are for Curiosity Quills Press and Karma Patrol book cover is absolutely stunning. I love the use of color played with the black, grey and white. Kate Miller has created such an amazing fantasy novel. I'm pretty sure this an adult novel because the characters are between 24 to about 30. This was full of action, drama and romance. Loved it!

Jade is an enforcer working for Karma Patrol. All her life she wanted to work and find her soulmate. It wasn't until a mass-shooting that she found him unexpectedly. Jade is a very strong, loyal, trust-worthy, hardworking woman. She is the epitome of the perfect woman. I loved how confident she was. She knew what she wanted, she had a great sense of humor and when faced with danger she knew how to handle herself. Jade is just perfection!

Luke is a Detective with NYPD who has never loved a day in his life. He has had a hard time growing up with his parents and now dives into his work full force too much. He was definitely uptight for the first few chapters, but I loved the conversation he had with Shannon. That made him begin to loosen up and made me start to love him. The fact that he wanted to try at a relationship with Jade was amazing. I love Luke!

The romance was great. I love how Jade knew Luke was her soulmate and automatically loved him. I loved even more how Luke didn't care to believe it and waited until the last moment to acknowledge his feelings for her. Everything was slow between them even though it started off with Luke being a jerk. I respected their relationship so much because they decided how fast they went and if they wanted to stay together. The fact that they took the plunge to try made it awesome.

Shannon was absolutely so sweet -- I hated what happened to her. I can't believe the Destiny and Karma divisions did nothing to help her. They totally suck! The prophet may have been deemed crazy because he didn't abide by the laws. I did think he went too far, especially with the whole gun thing -- but he had a purpose that draws so much depth to this story. The Destiny Division is downright devious. With every story you need a villain and they are it. I hope Jade and Luke kicks their butts.

I definitely want to read the sequel because I'm interested in seeing how Jade changes things for people in her world and what danger will come for her and Luke.

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