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Hardass Hardass by Christina Saunders
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Received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

Wow, wow and wow! If you loved Lincoln in Bad Bitch, you'll love his brother even more. In the first book a glimpse of Wash was shown when he went to New York. All I knew was that he had an issue with his brother over his ex Fawn from over 10 years ago, but this story was amazing and crazier than Lincoln's.

Washington aka Wash is a lawyer as his brothers and is known as a hardass. He pretends to be this emotionless, distant boss when in reality he is a softy with a knack for being dominant in the bedroom. One thing I wish Wash would get over is this issue with Lincoln over Fawn. Fawn married a douchebag named Matt (his rival) so why stay mad at Lincoln? Loved watching him try to keep control but fatally lose at doing so especially at the party Mr. Palmer had -- too funny!

Caroline is an associate and has been fawning over Wash for years. She now has the chance to work for a great law firm and get the man she dreamed of. What she didn't expect was to deal with his hot and cold emotions or lose her job. Caroline was a sweet woman. She may not have graduated from the best like the other associates or grew up wealthy like them, but she worked hard and knew her laws. I admired her.

Both Wash and Caroline were outspoken, bold characters. The tension between them was insane. I loved how they both tried to keep away, but of course failed to do so. I love how much they cared for one another and even when put in such harsh situations they found a way to continue working while being together.

Terrell was absolutely great! He kept me laughing when it came to Caroline and Wash having their first date. He was a great friend. I loved the appearance that Lincoln and Evan made. Evan is still crazy as ever, but I loved the advice she gave Caroline in regards to these crazy brothers that can be hot and cold like a light switch. Simply awesome.

That ending blew my damn mine! I mean I knew Rowan couldn't have been the Bayou Butcher, but finding out who it was took me for a whirlwind because I never honestly expected it to be him of all people. Crazier than that can't believe what almost happened to Caroline and Wash from the crazy guy, but thankfully things worked out.

I'm totally loving these brothers and can't wait to see how Kennedy's story plays out in Total D*ck!

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