Review: Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold Hard to Hold by Katie Rose
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This was absolutely phenomenal. It was emotional, heartwarming and just down right perfect! Katie Rose has created such a beautiful story with amazing characters!

Logan is an athlete and a ladies man. He had the ideal bachelor lifestyle until a one-night stand pops a baby on his table and walks away. Now he has to become a dad and change his life around. Logan was a dream. Hardworking, sweet, loving and responsible. Even when he thought the baby wasn't his he stepped up to the plate and took care of her. I loved how he was so connected to his daughter and the bond he had with his family.

Isabella is the nanny that Logan hired. She loves kids, but can't bare any of her own. She goes to work for Logan thinking he is like every other man who doesn't want to care for his child. Luckily, she was mistaken. She takes a quick liking to him. Isabella was a strong woman! She knew how to handle Logan. She was sweet, caring, loving, kind and just amazing with kids.

The romance between Logan and Isabella worked out amazingly well. I honestly thought that they would have one night together and move on with life, but they developed something deeper. They truly cared for one another and I enjoyed them.

Desiree, the baby's mother, pissed me off at first just dumping her baby off with Logan and disappearing, but towards the end I kind of appreciated what she did. I still think she could have gone about things differently though. I just hope she doesn't pop up months later to cause drama for Logan.

Overall, this was amazing and I definitely want to read the second book when it comes out. I hope there is more for Logan, Isabella and Cinnamon (his daughter).

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