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Edge of Control Edge of Control by Megan Crane
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Received an ARC through NetGalley.

Having never read the other books in The Edge series, I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed the story and the characters.

Eiryn is a brother in the clan. Her older brother is the new king. She had set her mind to killing the man that crippled their father, but finding out that it was Wulf tore her to pieces. She also had to battle her feelings for Riordan. Eiryn was a very bold, brave and blunt woman, but she was also timid and a coward. I enjoyed seeing her try to block out all her emotions, but then fail. She had to learn to forgive and move on with her life, especially when it came to her brothers and father. She seemed to have been trying to keep everyone happy even when she wasn't. I loved that she was also the king's bodyguard. That just made her kickass awesome! She was fierce for sure.

Riordan is just hottie. He is the tracker, the best one, in his clan. He harbors feelings for Eiryn after 10 years, but he stays away because Wulf told him to. It wasn't until he and Eiryn had to infiltrate the mainland during the winter marriage that he realized he wanted no one else but her. Riordan is strong in every sense. He speaks his mind, like to play games when it comes to Eiryn and he always makes a fight good. I love him!

Wulf was the clan's king, but also Eiryn's older brother. He had his father crippled and at first I didn't care for him. After hearing how the other brother talked about how evil their father was and then Wulf explaining how he didn't kill Amos because Eiryn begged him not to when she was 10 I looked at him differently. Amos may have been his father, but Wulf knew his father had to be stopped and he did what he had to for his sister and his clan.

The whole idea of the winter husband was insane. Only engaging in sex to reproduce but not being allowed to feel emotions was insane. These mainland folk were insane. What pissed me off further was the bishop -- I mean seriously, he was damn near engaging in BDSM in the cathedral in nuns and other women. He is just downright disgusting in every way. I hope he dies! This king as well in the mainland -- he sounds like a coldblooded, ruthless person. Especially the way he treats his daughter. I hope the princess doesn't die because she seems sweet, but I also hope she didn't set up the raiders by telling Eiryn and Riordan everything about her father.

This book was so good that I really want to read the entire series now. The action and romance is seriously awesome!

One of my favorite scenes has to be end when Wulf questioned Riordan about his relationship with Eiryn:
"So, brother," his king said quietly, which was...not good. "Explain to me what you think the word complicated means."
"Are you asking as my king or her brother?"
Wulf didn't smile. "I believe I'm both."
Riordan took that in. Considered it some more. And decided that even here, when it could mean his head, he wasn't about to be a little bitch. Not when it mattered. Not even if it was Wulf he was talking to.
"I love my king," he said, and he meant it. He would always mean it. "And I'm loyal to him always." He held Wulf's gaze. "But my woman's interfering older brother can kiss my ass."
Wulf looked at him for a long taut moment. But when the king shifted his gaze back to the fog and the bay, Riordan had the strangest notion that he'd passed some kind of test.


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