Review: The Daring Assignment

The Daring Assignment The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright
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Received a review copy through NetGalley.

The Daring Assignment was amazing. Daring is the perfect word for this book. I enjoyed the drama, the newfound love, the dynamic is statuses, the whole story was well developed!

Arianna is a romance author. She wants nothing more in life to find love and write books, but her parents don't support her and she's in a loveless relationship for the sake of wealth and riches. Arianna wasn't the dumb blonde, she may have had it all, but she wanted true substance out of life. She wanted a man that would love her no matter how thick she was. She wanted to work a job that made her happy. She wanted to be her true self without the fake smiles to please everyone. I loved Arianna because within this book she discovered who she truly was and even though her choices had some consequences, which I don't think were fair, she still managed on her own and reclaimed her life back for her own.

Julius is the jerk off douchebag boyfriend of the year. I mean seriously, being with Ari so he could get his inheritance even though he didn't like her at all was insane. Even worse was how he treated and talked to her. I did like the few...very few...moments when he started to act like a respectable man, but when his "secret" came out I was pissed. I'm so glad that Ari pulled that baby oil, whip and shower stunt on him. He deserved far worse.

Zane is a hot chef that he is pure desire, lust and love wrapped up in a sweet honey with a body made of gold. He is sweet, loving, kind and he grabs the attention of Arianna. He knows her as Sienna because she hides her identity from him. He slowly falls in love with her because of how sweet and genuine she seemed. It hurt when he found out who she really was and decided to walk away. I had hope that he would fight for her, but he didn't. It wasn't until the end of the book that I go excited because he gave her his number again just like he did when they first met. He is the ideal hardworking guy. I'm totally team Zane!

The Donatelli, Arianna's parents, are absolutely disgusting in every way. They didn't truly love their daughter at all. They only cared for their money and status which is sad and pathetic. The way her father disowned her after she decided to she wanted more to life than to be snobby was crazy. The way her mother treated her and talked about her weight was unbelievable. Those folks were rich assholes to the core. No true substance to who they are. I'm glad Arianna was different from them and wanted more to life than what her parents had.

Gia was a great friend, but the whole talking to Ari while being in Mistress mode was insane. That woman needs some serious help! I do love how she tried to help Ari out even though it was insane half the time. She definitely has a good heart.

I'm definitely going to be reading Dangerous Concoctions next because I need more Zane in my life!

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