Review: Dangerous Concoctions

Dangerous Concoctions Dangerous Concoctions by Victoria Bright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Such a phenomenal sequel to The Daring Assignment after the whole ordeal of Zane seeing Arianna at her book signing. Full of love, sex, romance, action and major drama. This was perfection!

Zane is still sexy and bold as ever, but this time I got to see the vulnerable side of him that I absolutely loved. He is a lot more aware of his relationship with Arianna this go round which I appreciated -- last time he was literally blinded by love. He is very sweet and knows how to pay attention to detail when caring for Ari. The relationship he has with his parents and sisters is amazing. He even got more business and decided to open up a second place. He was phenomenal!

Arianna has definitely grown from the first book. She is still on hinges with her parents disowning her, but she is bolder, speaks more openly and is actually enjoying her life. I love her! She is just awesome.

Jericho was a freaking douchebag. I mean, holding a grudge because Zane kind of mess is that? He was just delusional. I knew something was up with him based on how nice he was, but then how crazy everything got when he entered Zane's life. I feel bad for how he ended up, but I honestly laughed. I will say he was a great villain.

Kelsey, one of Zane's older sisters, is so funny. She was completely rude throughout the book but given all that she went through with her husband and what she had to deal with when Zane called her I sort of felt for her. I did thing she needed to get laid because her emotions were just too haywire for me. Zane's parents and other sisters were absolutely cool characters. Loved them.

Mr. Donatelli is just disgusting. I had some love for him after he disowned Arianna in the first book, but he seriously went to damn far in this book. I wanted to shoot him my damn self. I cannot believe all that he did to try and rid Arianna of Zane. He is a horrible man, worse father and downright stupid as all hell. He made me frustrated.

So great that I'm definitely thinking about reading the third book, Carnal Recovery which is all about the crazy Gia.

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