Review: Covet

Covet Covet by Janet Nissenson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an early copy through NetGalley for review.

Looking for a steamy, dreamy, heartfelt read? Covet is it! This was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed every part of this. I loved how intense it was without there really being an sex. The integrity of the characters in this book is just phenomenal.

Tessa was just an angel in every way possible. She had a hard life from losing her mother to being homeless and more. She had to make hard decisions in her life and sacrifice her own happiness to survive. I absolutely felt bad for her, but I love how she never gave up and kept pushing forward. She is definitely determined. She is married, but she isn't happy or sexually satisfied. She has a strong attraction to her boss, but she keeps true to her vows. I did feel like she was stubborn when her husband kept trying to end things. Her fear of being alone is understandable, but at the same time that fear could have possibly ruined her friendship with the only man she ever really cared for.

Peter is Tessa's husband, but he knows things must end. He never thought that they would last. It was only supposed to be for a year or so. Peter knew it was hard, but he made the decision to end things knowing Tessa would never. I feel bad for him because in protecting her and allowing her to be selfish in them staying married he began to hate himself for not being man enough for Tessa. I fear that he won't even be able to be friends with her. I do hope he seeks help because his past definitely haunts him.

Ian is simply amazing. Hardworking and accomplished. He has everything he needs, but the one woman that will make him happy. That is until he saw Tessa. He immediately has a strong attraction to her, but in knowing that she is married he respects that. I have the utmost respect for him because even though he is attracted to her he stays clear. I love the small gestures he made to make her feel better on Valentine's Day though. I cannot wait to see what he does to win her over!

Jason is a complete douche. I fear for what he plans to do to Tessa. He is seriously messed up. I hope his wife realizes what he's doing and leaves him. I don't like nor do I trust him and I hope Ian hands him his ass!

I'm definitely excited for Crave to be released because I need to know if these two get together or not!

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