Review: Carnal Recovery

Carnal Recovery Carnal Recovery by Victoria Bright
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Received an ARC through NetGalley.

Carnal Recovery was not what I expected it to be. I thought it would be filled with sex and lots of BDSM scenes seeing as how Gia is total sadist, but this went so much deeper and I loved it. Victoria Bright is simply brilliant.

Gia is sex therapist. She helps couples embrace their sexuality. She is also a mistress that enjoys being a sadist. Gia has lost control of her life in the past and as an adult she craves it, but one night she lost control and now has court ordered therapy. Gia always thought she could cope with her issues, but she quickly realized that her coping mechanisms were wrong. She needed to learn how to truly forgive and how to give up control to fully enjoy life and really embrace love. As much as Gia was bold, sarcastic and a straight up nympho -- she used as a way to mask her true pain and emotions. I loved seeing her grow and embrace all that life had to offer.

Xavier is mental therapist. He helps people who are mental "damaged" by helping them heal. His dedication to his work is absolutely flawless. After losing a loved one he found a way to try and help others from such dire situations. Xavier is also a master which is something one would never imagine by looking at him. He isn't your typical master that likes to inflict pain. He prefers to be in charge of a woman's orgasms and pleasures without causing pain as a sadist would. I enjoyed his character because he never gave up. He worked hard for what he wanted without shame.

The romance was hot! Two dominant masters seeking control, but also both giving up the roll to play submissive was awesome! I loved how much Xavier cared for Gia no matter how hard she pushed him away or clammed up. The bond between them was real and I respected it. Gia needed Xavier to be able to move forward in life. He was her perfect guy.

I am so happy that Arianna and Zane made appearances in this story was a sort of instrumental characters. It was amazing to have both these couples blended. I also love that Arianna and her mother made up in time for the wedding!

From The Daring Assignment and Dangerous Concoctions to this amazing story I'm head over heels with her writing!

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