Review: Because of You

Because of You Because of You by RaShelle Workman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy from the publisher for review.

This was amazing! This made me remember why I love contemporary romance novels! RaShelle Workman created such amazing characters with such dynamic backgrounds. The way this story unfolded was absolutely mind-blowing.

Maddie is a sweet girl that has had some very hard times. Her parents were murdered by the father of the guy she loves. She left him behind for seven years, but gets reunited with him at college. When she sees him her feelings coming rushing back to her. She knows she should stay away, but she simply can't. Maddie was a bit naive, but at the same time she was strong. She carried herself very high and even when she had moments of breaking down she still was able to be herself.

Kyle was amazing! He was oblivious to everything going on with his family and Maddie. I love that he tried to ignore her, but in the end his own feelings resurfaced and he righted his wrongs. Kyle was fun, live, smart and downright sexy. I love how caring he was, especially when he found out the truth about what happened to Maddie's family. Kyle was vulnerable when he needed to be and I loved it.

Evan was a douche bag -- I seriously didn't care for him at all. His disrepect towards Maddie, even knowing about her parent's death, was insane. Not to mention the whole thing with her parents was insane. Gina was a nice girl who just needs to learn how to be herself and not focus on those around her. I hated what she did to make herself feel more confident.

I definitely enjoyed this book and plan to read more from RaShelle Workman.

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