Review: Wicked

Wicked Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a pretty good fantasy novel. I definitely enjoyed the characters and world. The story line was a bit basic, but the writing kept me gripped all night. Jennifer L. Armentrout is just a phenomenal writer. Wicked was full of drama, romance, a few bits of steamy loving and mild surprises/ plot twists, but I did find it a bit predictable.

Ivy is a 22 year old working in the Order to keep the fae at bay from wrecking havoc in the world. She seems to appear like a bad girl, but she really isn't. She holds so much anger from losing her family (both real and adoptive parents) and her boyfriend Shaun by the hands of the fae. Now she seeks to rid them from the world. What she never expected was to find out about the Elite, to fall in love, to be around for the gates to Otherworld to open or to find out about halflings existing. As much as Ivy took things like a champ, I felt she ran away from her feelings too much. I'm glad she had Ren to ground her because she would have truly lost her humanity without him

Tink was just freaking cute!!! He was known as a brownie, which I don't really know what that meant -- but he was like a tiny fairy. He was funny, sarcastic, sweet and downright awesome. Tink is like the bestfriend everyone wants in life. I loved him -- especially when Ren first broke in the house and then the whole getting caught by Ren in the kitchen scene -- priceless humor from him.

Ren was freaking hot and demanding and bold and just so hot damn! I loved his character because of how open and bold he was. He never once bit his tongue, he spoke his mind and he wore his heart on his sleeve. He knew how to fight the fae, even the ancient ones and he knew just about everything. Ren also had a soft sided which balanced out his bad boy style. He was sweet, tender and protective without being overbearing. My heart is going to break for him when he finds the halfling.

The romance between Ren and Ivy was absolutely cute. He definitely made his thoughts and intentions clear to Ivy. Ivy was too scared because she still had feelings for ex Shaun. Even though he died three years ago Ivy still couldn't move forward because she lost so much. The way Ren went about making sure he got and kept Ivy was amazing. Not to mention, they did have some explosive sex lol. They are just absolutely cute.

David was a pain in the butt sometimes, but I guess being the leader of his sect he needed to be. I thought he was in on things at first, but I'm glad he wasn't because I definitely enjoyed his character. Val shocked me! I cannot believe she was the one allowing this. That broke my heart, especially when Ivy ran after her. I totally expected it to be her, but I still was heartbroken that it was her.

I'm definitely interested in seeing how things pan out for Ivy now that she knows what she is. Will the Order turn on her? Will Ren tell the Elite? What about the Prince of the fae? Lots of interesting questions.

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