Review: Wallbanger

Wallbanger Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a great contemporary romance with some steamy scenes. The characters were funny, lovable and realistic in every way. Alice Clayton is such an amazing writer and gripped me from start to finish in this story.

Caroline is a hardworking interior designer. She's smart, sweet, caring and upfront. She hasn't had sex in six months after having one night terrible sex. She has been trying to get the big O back for sometime but could never find it. When she moves into a new apartment she finds that not only can she not find her big O, but her next door neighbor consistently bangs her wall during sex when she should be resting. Thus she dubbed him wallbanger. Caroline was absolutely funny.

Simon is a carefree, hardworking photojournalist. He's hot, smart, funny and everything a woman desires. He doesn't do relationships since his last girlfriend left him because he traveled for work so much. He has found that having an open relationship with three women suits him and his lifestyle. Not to mention he's extremely wealthy. He enjoys banging walls with her girlfriends, but it wasn't until his new neighbor banged on his door during his tryst and he saw her in a pink nightie that things changed for him. He also dubbed her Pink Nightie Girl. Simon is definitely a character. I love how he talks about food and takes him time getting to know Caroline.

The romance was absolutely amazing. This was definitely not your insta-love kind of romance. Yes Simon and Caroline were attracted to one another, but they never really allowed themselves to play on their feelings until that night in Tahoe. They were just absolutely perfect for another. The word foreplay, physical foreplay and even the actual sex were all phenomenal. I love the buildup they created. I hope they stay together!

The secondary characters: Jillian, Benjamin, Sophia, Neil, Ryan, Mimi and the harem of girls that Simon had were all amazing. I enjoyed that they were all cool and could hang out. Not one of them was rude or negative. Everyone was friendly and had great, civilized fun throughout the whole story. Loved it.

Can't wait to see what happens next for them in Rusty Nailed

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