Review: Vampire Girl

Vampire Girl Vampire Girl by Karpov Kinrade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a magical book in every since. I loved the whole blending of vampire, fae and shades. This book had some twists and left me in suspense.

Arianna has just turned 18 and she finds out that her mother made a deal with the devil. She must now live in Hell and marry one of the seven Princes in order to save her mother's soul. Arianna is definitely a powerhouse! She knows how to handle her own and her attitude is so playful yet sarcastic. She learned to help the fae slaves, she learned to fight, she was willing to learn all she could. She even fell in love. Ari is absolutely beautiful, but was always different from most. What she didn't expect was to not be a full human.

Asher, Peince of Pride, is so darn cute. I like how sweet yet nonchalant he is. He always found a way to be their for Ari no matter what. I truly enjoyed him.

Fen, Prince of War, is seriously my favorite! He plays everything off and tries to keep his distance, but he knows that he loves Ari. Out of all the Princes, I feel like his love for her is truly genuine.

King Lucian is just a true king. All that he did to protect himself and help his world get better was amazing. That ending blew my mind.

Levi, Prince of Envy, was a major jerk. I can't believe how he tried to humiliate Ari simply because she out bid him for those fae slaves. Him and all the other Princes just need to get a grip. Especially Dean, the Prince of Lust.

I'm interested in seeing Fen find Ari and them to being a major powerhouse couple.

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