Review: Vampire Girl 2: Midnight Star

Vampire Girl 2: Midnight Star Vampire Girl 2: Midnight Star by Karpov Kinrade
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This was a PHENOMENAL sequel. I am literally filled with so many emotions

Arianna is a force to be reckoned with. She learns the truth of who she is and about the plans between the vampires and faes. She is still sassy and bold, but she has finally worked on her powers. With Yami she can become unstoppable. I truly love her! She knew what she wanted, always wanted to help and she didn't look to violence to solve problems. Ari can be a true queen in every sense. I'm curious if that man she saw at the hospital was her father...that would be freaking awesome!

Asher, Prince of Pride, is just so damn adorable and to find out that he swings the other way was freaking amazing. Asher is definitely fit to be king, but I don't think he should be. The whole secret thing with his dad pissed me off though. Asher knows alot more then he is telling everyone.

Fen, the Prince of War & Death, is hot damn!!! Finally recognizing his feelings for Ari and not holding back is absolutely amazing. Fen is strong in every sense. Not to mention the whole twist that was thrown about him. He is destined to be greatness and to be with Ari.

The other Princes seriously need to get they act together and go against their father. I like them all except the Prince of Envy. Dean, Prince of Lust, is just a major tool and jackass in every sense.

King Lucian shocked me! I get why Fen tried to poison him. I can't believe he wants the spirits. It's just all too much evil for me.

The Druids are seriously bitter. They need to protect their people and not try and have war. They won't have the demons to worry about, but Ari since she is the Midnight Star. Not to mention the druid of earth is half demon.

That oh man. All the possibilities for both Ari and Fen are freaking insane!!! I need to know how this works out for them! This is a MUST read if you're into paranormal romances.

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