Review: Unfixable

Unfixable Unfixable by Tessa Bailey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a beautiful story. I loved how Willa and Shane were very similar and different at the same time. This was well written, had a great balance of drama, sex and intimacy. Definitely plan to read more from Tessa Bailey.

Willa is not your average girl. She's not the pretty, reserved, quite girl. She's loud, sarcastic, quick with her mouth and used to running away. After breaking up with her perfect boyfriend, Evan, of two years and winning a photography competition, she heads to Ireland to find herself again. She lost who she was when she was trying to the be the perfect person for Evan. Willa definitely annoyed me because she was so quick to run and berate herself yet she always knew the right things to say to others. She was too hard on herself and needed to let loose. She built such a fortress around her heart that she was always pushing people away. I loved that Ireland opened her up to new things and made her acknowledge that she did deserve love and she could be herself without changing anything.

Shane was the badass type on the outside, but on the inside he was sweet, caring and damaged. Dealing with how his relationship with his father went and trying to take care of his mother and sister, it all made him realize what he missed. He was used to running behind a wheel and punching down the lane. He's a racer at heart. He enjoys the fast driving and thrill it gives him. I enjoyed how quick his comments were in regards to Willa, he knew what he wanted and hated himself for it, but he also couldn't back away from her either. He isn't afraid of a challenge and I loved that about him. Shane was awesome.

The romance was absolutely awesome. Willa and Shane absolutely hated each other at first. They were both quick with their tongues and rude. I loved the sexual tension between them and how direct Shane was about what he wanted to do to Willa. I enjoyed how everything progressed at a medium pace between them. When they finally stepped over that boundary to have sex it was explosive and when they acknowledge their feelings it was phenomenal. They make a stunning couple.

I wish there was a sequel because that ending left me in shreds. I was looking forward to a marriage proposal, babies and much more for Willa and Shane. Awesome story!

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