Review: Rusty Nailed

Rusty Nailed Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such an awesome sequel. Just as sex filled and romantic as the first book. Alice Clayton is brilliant in her characters and the way she matured them. Gripped from beginning to end.

Caroline is such a great woman. She works hard, enjoys life and likes to have fun. In this sequel, she definitely matured and began to understand that being an adult in a real relationship isn't just rose petals and sprinkles. She learned what true love is and learned that starting new traditions is okay to do. She did seem a bit more snippy in this book, but with all the changes and transitioning it was understandable.

Simon is simply amazing. After never having a real relationship and finally having one he has totally changed for the better. He is such a sweet, loving and caring man. This sequel dives more into his life back at home before his parents died which I liked learning about. Simon is definitely the perfect guy -- not to mention he is hot, wealthy and has a phenomenal job.

The romance was absolutely beautiful. There was a lot more conflict in this story between Simon and Caroline which showed some realistic life relationships. The arguments were funny, the sex was hot damn and the love they had for one another was one of a kind.

As before I enjoyed the secondary characters, but Sophia and Neil were literally two teenagers fighting their emotions, but that "reunion" they had in the coat closet -- priceless.

I need to get my hands on the novella Last Call to see how things ends between them.

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