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Red Queen Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
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Finally having the time to read the bool and all I can say is that this was an awesome read. Victoria Aveyard did an excellent job in creating this world, the characters, the abilities and the many twists and turns that took place. This book had me surprised a few times with how things went.

Mare is stuck in world where blood determines your place and abilities determine your wealth. She is a Red. She bleeds red blood like a normal person should. She has no job, doesn't care for school and steals to help her family out. She meets a mysterious guy that ends up getting her a job at the palace and from that one small gesture she earns a lot more than she bargained for.

Mare learns that she is not simply a Red, but she is also a Silver -- she has an ability that should not be and no one understands it. She enters into a battle with Silvers to protect her people, but she not only gets betrayed, she becomes a pawn for everyone. Mare is absolutely stunning! She is more powerful than any Red of Silver. She's quick, has a heart, knows how to care and love for people and doesn't like to play games. She decided to help her people while learning all that she could about herself. I'm excited to see all that Mare becomes --- especially after being nicknamed the Red Queen.

Cal, the first Prince and a Silver, is a guy of many words. He can manipulate fire. Cal was always a mystery to me. I respected him throughout the whole story because he never lied about anything. He cares far more for those lives of the Reds, but like his father he is too weak and scared to allow a real change to happen. I think Cal is so much like his mother, but doesn't know how to take the true steps for change to happen. I love that no matter what he knew of Mare he always loved her. After everything, I am excited to see how he handles things in the sequel.

Maven, the second Prince and a Silver, is quiet the opposite of his half brother Cal and he can also manipulate fire. I thought Maven was absolutely sweet in the beginning, but as the truth was revealed in those last few pages, my heart shattered. He is a conniving, sneaky guy just like his mother. Maven is very smart, yet not as strong with his ability. I can't believe what he did to his brother and father and how he used Mare. I hope he gets what he deserves in the end -- death.

The romance was absolutely impeccable yet predictable. You have the peasant girl turned royal destined to marry the second son, but already in love with the first son. Mare and Cal had a connection from their first encounter in the Red I think they are destined to be. Even though Maven and Mare did have a "special" connection at first -- it was all fake. Mare and Cal need to get together and kill Maven.

Kilorn is an absolute awesome friend. He and Mare always protected each other. He would be a good boyfriend prospect, but he is more like a brother to. Shade is freaking amazing!!!! That shocked me at the end completely!

The King wasn't as bad as the Reds believed. I think he just isn't sure of what to do because of what happened to his wife. He is too scared of backlash to be the kind king he can be.

The Queen, Maven's mother, is so disgusting. The things she does, the way she treats people, how she acts -- it's all menacing. I can't wait to see her demise.

The Scarlet Guard is fantastic. They were seen as criminals, dangerous and devious, but they were far from it. They were a people tired of being treated like slaves and inferior. They stood up to the Silvers and plan to take them down. I hope they win!

I am definitely reading the sequel, Glass Sword, as soon as possible because this book was just awesome. That ending left me with my jaw dropped. I'm excited to see the other Reds with abilities and the "new" abilities they possess.

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