Review: One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fabulous sequel! Jeaniene Frost is absolutely brilliant in her writing. The world, characters and action she creates definitely grips you from start to finish. This was just phenomenal.

Cat is even more of a badass vampire killer than ever. She runs her unit within the FBI and seeks to kill any vampires that do harm to humans. She returns to Ohio because someone left a note for her and wanted her dead. Unbeknownst to her that someone was the man she has been seeking -- her father. Cat is freaking amazing! I love everything about her; she's stubborn, bold, daring, loving and kickass. She knows how to fight and use her smarts and occasionally her body. Cat has definitely become her own character and learned to be who she is whether people like it or not.

Bones is still the ever dominating, protective, badass, vamp killer from the first book. I mean Bones is my kind of man -- if he were breathing. He can do damage in seconds. I like that this book went more into depth about his past and his emotions for Cat. Bones definitely has some type of humanity left him. He also is a bomb Master vampire with super cool skills. Love him!

The romance is on point. After being separated for four years, Bones finds and reunites with Cat and they pick up where they left off. Even though this book is not doused in sex, it was definitely steamy when it needed to be. I loved how raw Bones was when it came to being with Cat, especially when she gave the no holding back speech -- that was freaking amazing!

Justina as usual is an evil old hag. Her hatred for vampires is ridiculous, but I'm so happy Cat stood up to her finally. The team that worked with Cat was absolutely infuriating and awesome all at once -- I loved them all. Annette was a major pain in my side. She definitely wanted to feel powerful over Cat, but of course Cat put her in her place -- as did Bones.

Ian was a character I sort of liked, but now I completely hate him. I can't believe how much he really tried to get Cat to be his because she was a half-breed. He is a disgusting creature all together. Max -- there is not much to say except that he is a rather horrible thing. I can't believe he tried to get Cat killed because of what she and how strong she is. Max is a serious coward. I hope he and Ian get what they deserve from Cat and Bones.

I'm ready for At Grave's End because Cat and Bones are just AMAZING!

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