Review: Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my ! Jeaniene Frost is a brilliant writer. This was not just your normal paranormal romance. This was filled with humor, suspense, romance, drama and much more. The characters were amazing and the world was awesome.

Catherine is a half bred human-vampire born to think all vampires are evil. She hunts almost every night to kill vampires in search of her vampire father. She takes no liking towards them even though she is part of their race. I absolutely loved Catherine! She was definitely a sassy character with some bold words. She knew how to protect herself and how to handle vampires when she needed to. She was sweet, loving and heartbroken. I'm so happy that in the end she found true love.

Bones is a vampire hit man and bounty hunter. His job is to find or kill those vampires with a price on them. He may have been a vampire, but he wasn't crude or devious, but he knew how to kill swiftly and painfully. He definitely didn't have a great upbringing and that made me love him more because his story wasn't posh like other vampire's tend to have. Bones was a man -- or rather vampire -- that knew what he wanted, didn't like to play games and made sure to put his all in it. I loved him because he always kept me laughing with everything that went on between him and Cat in and out of the bed. He was the type of vampire to make me see him as human. Loved him!

Catherine's mother was a major pain in my ass. I couldn't believe how heartless she was towards Cat when she found out about Bones. Her mother has trained her to hate all vampires because of one fool she slept with and that was wrong. I was so happy when she got punched in the face -- that literally had me jumping out my seat with joy!

All the drama with Hennessy and the Governor was insane. I mean these vampires were seriously insane. The action with the fights and killing was absolutely perfection. I even liked Cat's ex because he just added to my love for Bones even more. The FBI were absolutely interesting. I loved how that was thrown in at the end and I'm excited to see how things fair with Cat now.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and I am too excited to read the sequel, One Foot in the Grave, to find out what more is in store for both Cat and Bones. I need them to stop playing games and be a real couple!

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