Review: Fairy Keeper

Fairy Keeper Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fairy Keeper was a really great book. A great introduction into the world of Aluvia. The characters were interesting and the world was amazing. The writing was pretty darn good too.

Sierra is fifteen years old and very strong for her age. After losing her mother and having to deal with her dark alchemist father Jack, she had to grow up quickly to protect herself and her sister. She is a fairy keeper and hates her job because it was predetermined for her through her birthmark. She never wanted to be a fairy keeper, but after the fairy queens go missing and her sister's life is put in danger she learns that her being a fairy queen is much more special and enjoyable then she could ever think of. I loved how sassy she was and how bold she could get. Sierra was an awesome sister and came into her powers in such a marvelous way.

Phoebe, at only 10, has to worry about her father sending her off to another port. She was so precious and I felt bad for all that she had to endure, but that scene with Tristan was interesting. She definitely has some connection with the merfolk for sure.

Corbin, being a fairy keeper, sets out with Sierra to find the other fairy queens. I enjoyed Corbin, but he was just too much like a wimp to me at times. Nell, Jack's enforcer, was sent to make sure Sierra did what she needed to bring back a fairy queen. I didn't like Nell at first because she was so mean, but after understanding everything that bad girl persona was needed for her to provide and protect her family.

Micah was the hot magical creature who could turn from human to faun to deer. He was absolutely amazing and I think that he and Sierra will be an absolutely cut couple. Jack was a terrible father all around the way her treated his daughters. I'm glad he got what he deserved because he would have killed his daughters. Bentwood was seriously insane. I couldn't stand him either.

The fairies were absolutely amazing. They knew how to protect themselves and the knew that the world was in danger. I loved that they connected with Sierra in a very great way -- specifically Queenie. The Merfolk seem cool so I'm excited to read more about them in the sequel.

I'm definitely excited to read the sequel Mer-Charmer to see how things go for Phoebe now that things are slowly changing in their world.

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