Review: At Grave's End

At Grave's End At Grave's End by Jeaniene Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I mean really -- I don't think I need to write a full blown review because I'm reading these books quick and enjoying every single one! Action packed, humor, drama, romance -- just a fantastic series to beat! Jeaniene Frost is brilliant!

Cat is just fearless and bold as ever. No matter what happened she stayed strong and even began to embrace her vampire side. Cat is strong and I love her. Bones is still freaking sexy to me! I can't believe how close to death he was, but as always he pulls through for his Kitten. Loved that proposal too -- just stunning and well thought out on that ring. One thing I will say, the growth with Cat and Bones as a couple and as individuals is simply phenomenal.

Tate is a jerk for allowing himself to continuously push up on Cat. I'm shocked he agreed to turn -- I just hope he doesn't ruin his friendship with Cat or that he goes to far and Bones kills him -- yikes! Vlad was freaking awesome -- I mean seriously Dracula. I never would have expected that, but his character kept me laughing right along with Ian. I was shocked at how nice Ian became. I personally still don't trust Vlad or Ian though.

Justina is crazy! She had sex with a ghoul of all things -- she cracks me up. Max got what he deserved. Mencheres may have been one of the oldest Master vampires, but he still had a heart that beat for his love. I felt bad for him when Patra was acting a hot mess. Patra is simply wounded. A scorned woman is one thing. A scorned female Master vampire is whole other thing. She was out for blood anyway she could get it. She was sick.

Can you guess what I'm doing in 2.5 seconds? Yup -- reading the next book Destined for an Early Grave. Loving it! I hope Cat ends up turning in one of the other books -- she'd be a bad Master vampire for sure with a banging, hot husband. They'd be some kickass Master vamps who are vampire slayers!

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