Review: Arouse

Arouse Arouse by Nina Lane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Arouse was such a great contemporary romance with erotic aspects to it. I enjoyed the ups and downs of the characters. The emotions in this book was absolutely gripping. These characters were real, relate-able and down right amazing. Nina Lane did a fabulous job with this story.

Olivia seems like a fragile person. She had a rough upbringing thanks to her mother, but she found a way to turn her life around for the better. She works hard for what she wants and doesn't take handouts or the easy way out which I admire of her. I loved how bold she was when it came to her husband. She didn't bite her tongue much and made sure to be totally honest no matter what. I loved her!

Dean is hot, domineering professor that fell in love with Olivia the first time he saw her. He deals with his own demons and past that ends up adding fire to the flame in their marriage troubles. I loved Dean because no matter how bad things got between them, he stood by his love for his wife and tried to find a way to fix things even if he never did. Dean loved Olivia something fierce. He was caring, careful and sometimes treated Olivia like a doll, but I will say he did give her the space she needed when need be.

Kelsey is absolutely awesome! She is like the best friend every married couple needs to help fix problems. I mean I loved how she analyzed both Dean and Olivia without judgement or taking sides. She was there for both of them to help them see the light and fix their marriage! I hope she continues on in the series because she seems to be the "balance" between Dean and Olivia.

I definitely plan to read on with this series because Dean and Olivia are phenomenal people and I'm excited to see how their relationship continues to grow.

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